Meet The Team - Damian

How long have you worked for McBride's SPAR? 12 Years... started off part time to get a bit of money for uni, not all academic though, and been here since :)

What's the favourite part of your job? Theres always something new to learn and, there does be good craic between the staff as well

And the least favourite ;) something always seems to go wrong as i'm about to walk out the door

What's your favourite treat to buy in the store? I'll eat anything really, especially chocolate but particularly Tunnock's teacakes or snowballs

Whats your proudest moment working in the store? Winning awards for Fresh & Produce in London

Is there any customer or delivery person that you enjoy seeing or having the craic with? It would be difficult to pick one and take too long to list them, and I could into trouble if i missed one. So I will plead the fifth amendment on this one I think!