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Prime Gourmet Hamper £89

14-16lb PRIME Turkey ,4lb PRIME  Gammon,4lb Silverside PRIME  Roast,454g PRIME  Cocktail Sausages,227g PRIME Streaky Bacon,454g PRIME Luxury Stuffing,Tub of Cranberry Sauce,500g of Brussels Sprouts,500g Parsnips,1kg of Carrots

Prime Luxury Hamper £69

10-12lb PRIME Turkey ,4lb PRIME  Gammon,454g PRIME Cocktail Sausages,227g PRIME  Streaky Bacon,454g PRIME  Luxury Stuffing,500g Brussels Sprouts ,1kg of Carrots

Whole Irish Turkey £3.60 per Lb/ £7.95 per kg

12lb/5.4kg 14lb/ 6.4kg 16lb/7.3kg 18lb/ 8.2kg

Bone & Roll Your Turkey

Boned ….£10.00 Boned & Rolled £13.00

Whole Irish Gammon £8.00 per kg

PRIME Cocktail Sausages 454g pack £2.99

PRIME Streaky Bacon 227g pack £2.99

PRIME Luxury Stuffing 454g £3.49

Loughshore Ham Glaze £2.99

Plain Rolled Turkey

Stuffed Roll Turkey

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